ProKware is an integrated system, containing interactive graphic interface and abundant protein property annotations in structure level, including domains, functional sites, families, active sites, binding sites, post-translational modifications, and domain-domain interaction in protein tertiary structures.

This web server allows user to submit a specific protein, domain or PTM, and after the submission, system will compile relative information and present its structural and functional properties in interactive web-based graphic interface.
Citing ProKware

J.H. Hung, H.D. Huang, and T.Y. Lee, (2006) "ProKware: an integrated software for presenting protein structural properties in protein tertiary structures" Nucleic Acids Research, Vol 34, W89-W94. [PubMed]

ProKware with structure viewer provides the most efficient way to understand functional sites in structure level. This package also includes web-based visualization software, please download this file and install it before you go any further.

Direct access!! Client-end application, ProKware provides an interactive dialog which can be driven by mouse clicks all along the process. As shown in (a), four scenarios for the investigation of protein structural properties underlying the protein tertiary structures including (1) users can extract a specified protein domain/motif in a specified protein structure; (2) users can retrieve all protein domain/motifs in a specified protein structures; (3) users can extract protein structures that have domains interacted with a specified domain; (4) users can retrieve post-translation modification in a specified protein structure